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Exploring the products of ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE encountered during TFWA



It is, above all, a choice of difference, of the one that stands out, of the one that is embraced, of the one that evokes emotion and memories.

Founded by Etienne de Swardt in 2006, named after his homeland, this perfume house is ambitious. Fearless. Unquestionably free! It defies trends, asserts its convictions, sparks curiosity and desire. Through its creative, innovative, and unique fragrances, ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE approaches perfumery as a poet weaves words. Inspiration can strike at any moment: a book, a film, a monument. Then, it’s up to the nose to interpret it based on their experiences, desires, and tastes. No strict brief to allow imagination and creativity to guide the fragrance towards its most beautiful expression. To elevate raw materials and give them the packaging they deserve.

With each new fragrance, ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE creates surprise, intrigue, sometimes bewilderment, and often, captivation. To give the fragrance all the space to exist, the house has chosen a unique, simple bottle, echoing the spirit of the original boutique, located at 69 Rue des Archives in Paris. Sharp, distinctive, and marked by its cockade, a symbol of French freedom, it encapsulates the fragrance, which is to say, the essence.



The name of this small South African state is the place where Etienne de Swardt was born. Unspoiled beauty as far as the eye can see, nature in all its splendor, this wild and rugged land stirs the senses and heightens sensations. Paying tribute to it with such free fragrances was an obvious choice for the founder of the brand.


ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE is a place of encounters

and discoveries where the original boutique crystallizes

the brand’s history.

At the crossroads, at the corner of Rue des

Archives and Rue Pastourelle, in the heart of the Haut Marais,

the right bank boutique will take on a new look in early 2024.

For lovers of the left bank,

dear to the philosophers of the Enlightenment,

a second boutique opened in 2021 on Rue des Saints Pères.






ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE offers more than 40 unique and unprecedented fragrances, creating a collection of emotions for all those fortunate enough to experience them. At times enchanting, seductive, and even provocative, they also reflect the contrasts that reside within each soul. Available in two sizes: 50 ml or 100 ml – MSRP: €98 or €150. Let’s focus on 5 iconic ones   

UNDER THE MIRABEAU BRIDGE The Latest Addition In this fragrance, the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire, the beauty of a bridge, and the romance of Paris are combined. The bridge, a link between two shores, between two “selves,” the ultimate connection to a trail of sandalwood, pink pepper, and cedar. Launched in 2023, this woody fragrance is a creation of Mathieu Nardin, a perfumer at Mane.

YOU OR SOMEONE LIKE YOU The Californian Inspired by Chandler Burr’s novel of the same name, this fragrance tells the story of the universal woman, with fresh mint and chlorophyll at the heart of Los Angeles. California, a land of limitless possibilities under the blue sky, a fragrance that whispers, “Possibility in the Blue Air.” This refreshing and invigorating perfume was created in 2017 by Caroline Sabas, a perfumer at Givaudan.

HERMANN BESIDE ME SEEMED LIKE A SHADOW The duality of darkness Its mysterious title, derived from Victor Hugo’s poem, succinctly captures the question that arises when this fragrance is mentioned. Is shadow a part of one’s being? Is it another self? A loyal friend? Launched in 2016, this chypre fragrance, created by Quentin Bisch, a perfumer at Givaudan, provides part of the answer.

THE GHOST IN THE SHELL The Future from the 20th Century By blending bio-tech and natural materials, this fragrance quietly celebrates the trail of the future and also whispers that one day will come when humanity, in alliance with machines, will take a qualitative leap towards the omega. A mineral-floral trail of transhumanism, this fragrance is the result of a collaboration of talents from Mane Laboratories, under the coordination of Julie Massé, launched in 2021.

FLOWERS OF WASTE – I AM TRASH From the remnants of great love Beauty can emerge from waste. This is the essence of this fragrance. Thanks to a unique upcycling technique that illuminates unexplored facets of raw materials destined for disposal, this perfume is a concentration of the unexpected, an olfactory counter-revolution. It manages to surprise with its delicate and fruity notes. This fruity-floral fragrance, launched in 2018, is the creation of Daniela Andrier, a perfumer at Givaudan.



At the boundaries of all that is sublime, ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE introduced the Extraordinary Orange Collection in 2018. These are highly superlative fragrances, both olfactory and decorative works of art. 100 ml – RRP: €220



Diffraction of light, the weight of materials. “Forgive us, Newton!” What if, instead of an apple, Newton had received a rose on his head? A trail as powerful as gravity, as light as light itself. Chypre-woody, launched in 2018, created by Quentin Bisch, a perfumer at Givaudan.



An ode to pleasure initiated but never completed, to the satisfaction yet to come. A blend of words and materials that explain a bit, a lot, but never completely why the fragrance is. Woody-spicy, launched in 2022, this declaration of love for vanilla is a creation of Mathilde Bijaoui, a perfumer at Mane.



“Perfume is the soul, the soul is perfume.” Like in the Thousand and One Nights, this juice represents the void that the absence of the soul would leave. An ode to Musk, this woody-oriental fragrance launched in 2020 is a creation of Shyamala Maisondieu, a perfumer at Givaudan.



An olfactory journey in the footsteps of spice merchants on the Spice Route, who, by opening a new path, rose against obscurantism and dictates. Wise men who would offer a universal fragrance. This spicy-oriental fragrance was born in 2019, from the imagination of Mathilde Bijaoui, a perfumer at Mane.



500 years, that’s how long it took to mature these noble materials, like the rose so dear to Pierre de Ronsard’s heart. A fragrance of awakening to celebrate the daughters and sons of the Renaissance. Launched in 2019, this spicy-oriental creation is by Cécile Matton, a perfumer at Mane.



Like an extension of oneself, the olfactory ambiance of a place permeates the soul and captivates those who come to visit. The warmth of the object, the allure of fire, the candle flickers the imagination and brings spirits together.

In 2019, ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE launched its collection of candles as an extension of its classic collection. Currently, 8 fragrances have had their notes enhance interiors, with more to come.

Available in candle format: Rien, Eau de Protection, Divin Enfant, Les Fleurs du Déchet – I am Trash, Exit the King, Hermann à mes côtés me paraissait une ombre, Remarkable people, You or Someone like You.

Vegetable wax, 185 g for approximately 45 hours of burning time – RRP: €49


a house for freedom enthusiasts.

Etat Libre d’Orange products are available

in its 2 Parisian boutiques,

at authorized retailers in France and in 90 countries, and on the website www.etatlibredorange.com


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