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WARC New Study Reveals Mail Remarkable Impact on Capturing Consumer Attention

WARC New Study Reveals Mail Remarkable Impact on Capturing Consumer Attention

In an era marked by evolving technologies, shifting consumer behaviors, and heightened privacy concerns, the battle for consumer attention has become more challenging than ever. Against this backdrop, a groundbreaking study conducted by WARC, the global authority on marketing effectiveness, in collaboration with Marketreach, the marketing authority on commercial mail, has unveiled the impressive power of mail as a marketing channel. Titled ‘The Attention Advantage: Exploring the impact of mail in an attention-scarce world,’ this study sheds light on the profound influence of mail in capturing and holding consumers’ attention.

The study’s findings, released on October 31, 2023, showcase the critical role of mail in an attention-scarce landscape and provide valuable insights for advertisers, marketers, and communication professionals.

Here are some of the key highlights from the research:

1. Mail Attracts Undivided Attention One of the standout revelations from the study is that mail is highly effective at capturing consumers’ undivided attention. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of recipients reported that mail attracts their full focus. In a world inundated with distractions, this level of engagement is a remarkable achievement.

2. High Dwell Times and Relevance The research underscores that mail’s effectiveness stems from its ability to command high dwell times. As people’s lives have become more centered on their homes, there is a growing demand for personally relevant messaging. Moreover, consumers are gravitating towards well-trusted brands that communicate in honest and authentic ways. Mail aligns with these evolving consumer needs and behaviors, making it a compelling channel for delivering attention.

3. Cost-Efficiency in Capturing Attention In today’s competitive advertising landscape, cost-efficiency is paramount. The study reveals that mail is not only effective at capturing attention but is also one of the most cost-efficient channels for doing so. This is excellent news for marketers seeking a high return on investment.

4. Physical and Mental Interaction Mail’s unique advantage lies in its ability to stimulate both physical and mental interaction. Over 80% of items delivered in envelopes are opened, and the average piece of mail is viewed over twice in the week of receipt, with 58% retained for future reference. This physical presence is especially important in a world where digital experiences dominate, even for younger audiences.

5. Complementary to Other Marketing Channels Mail’s high level of personalization, extended dwell times, and the concept that “the ad is the medium” make it a perfect complement to other marketing channels. When strategically deployed at key moments in the customer journey, mail can enhance and amplify the overall brand experience.

6. Significant Uplifts Across the Marketing Funnel Mail is a powerful driver across every level of the marketing funnel. The study found that mail persuaded 16% of recipients to consider the brand, with 9% taking action, such as visiting a website or shop, after receiving mail. In terms of sealing the deal, an average of 5% of items led to a transaction, showcasing the tangible impact of mail on consumer behavior.

The ‘The Attention Advantage: Exploring the impact of mail in an attention-scarce world’ study was conducted by analyzing 1,475 pieces of mail, including research by Marketreach and Blue Yonder, in collaboration with JICMAIL (Joint Industry Committee for Mail) data. The rigorous analysis by WARC offers valuable insights that have the potential to reshape the strategies and practices of advertisers, marketers, and media professionals.

In a world where capturing and retaining consumer attention is more challenging than ever, this study proves that mail is a powerful and cost-efficient tool for marketers to cut through the noise and create meaningful connections with their target audiences. With its unique ability to engage both physically and mentally, mail is positioned as a valuable addition to the modern media mix, enabling brands to thrive in an attention-scarce world.


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