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Brahim Asloum has been appointed as the official Ambassador for the C Club Fitness at the Carlton Cannes.

October 30, 2023/

More about LE C CLUB FITNESS & SPA, Actuality of 16 June 2023: MIKE TYSON, LE C CLUB FITNESS & SPA AMBASSADOR The Carlton Cannes is delighted to inaugurate Le C Club Fitness & Spa in the presence of its legendary ambassador: Mike Tyson.  Five–time world boxing champion Mike Tyson inaugurates the new C Club Fitness & Spa at the Carlton Cannes, A Regent Hotel. A return to his roots for Mike…

Ellie Sax Steals the Show at Amber Lounge’s Grand Prix Party in Monaco 2023

May 28, 2023/

The pulsating energy of the Monaco Grand Prix was matched by the electrifying performance of saxophone virtuoso Ellie Sax at the exclusive Amber Lounge party. The renowned sax player created an enchanting atmosphere, captivating guests with her soulful melodies and infectious energy. Ellie Sax: A Musical Maestro Ellie Sax, known for her mesmerizing saxophone performances, has garnered a global following with her unique ability to blend contemporary beats with classic saxophone melodies.…

Lewis Hamilton performances at the Monaco Grand Prix 2023

May 28, 2023/

Dominating Qualifying: As the qualifying sessions unfolded, it became evident that Lewis Hamilton was determined to leave his mark on the Monaco Grand Prix. Displaying his exceptional talent, he secured a commanding pole position, demonstrating his unparalleled mastery of the street circuit. Hamilton’s lightning-fast lap times were a testament to his unwavering focus and skill behind the wheel. Thrilling Race Day: On race day, the anticipation reached a fever pitch as Lewis…

GR8 Experience Elevates the Excitement at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

May 28, 2023/

GR8 Experience, a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to curating exceptional and tailored experiences, brought their expertise to the forefront during the illustrious Monaco Grand Prix 2023. Amidst the captivating atmosphere of high-speed racing and luxurious indulgence, GR8 Experience orchestrated an event that left participants enthralled and created memories that will last a lifetime. Crafting Uniqueness with Expertise GR8 Experience, renowned for their ability to design bespoke experiences, ensured that each…

APM Monaco Shines Bright with Noah Schnapp at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

May 28, 2023/

APM Monaco, the epitome of elegance, savoir-vivre, and luxury living, brought its exquisite jewelry and vibrant energy to the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. The event, synonymous with opulence and high-octane excitement, was the perfect stage for APM Monaco to showcase its fashion-forward designs, captivating the hearts of attendees. Adding an extra touch of star power, the presence of actor Noah Schnapp elevated the glamour and charm of this exceptional affair. APM Monaco:…

SunSetMonaco: An Unforgettable Extravaganza during the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

May 28, 2023/

This year, the event reached new heights of glamour and entertainment with the introduction of the highly anticipated SunSetMonaco. This exclusive extravaganza, held alongside the prestigious race, captivated attendees with an unforgettable fusion of music, fashion, and luxury. An Unparalleled Venue Set against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea and the iconic Monte Carlo skyline, SunSetMonaco took place at a breathtaking waterfront venue specially curated for the occasion. The venue’s elegant…

A Fusion of Art, Fashion, and Luxury: The Unforgettable Event at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

May 28, 2023/

Renowned artist Richard Orlinski, Jenny G, co-founder of highstreetworld, and Tom Claeren, co-founder of MM Private Club, joined forces to create an exceptional evening that captivated the elite attendees and left an indelible mark on the legendary race. Richard Orlinski: Sculpting Emotions Amidst the Racing Fever As one of the most prominent contemporary artists, Richard Orlinski’s iconic sculptures have graced galleries and public spaces around the globe. At the Monaco Grand Prix…

Amber Lounge: Where Glamour and Racing Converge at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

May 28, 2023/

The prestigious Monaco Grand Prix once again played host to the epitome of luxury and entertainment with the presence of the renowned Amber Lounge. As the most exclusive party destination during the Grand Prix weekend, Amber Lounge brought together celebrities, racing enthusiasts, and high-profile guests for an unforgettable experience at the heart of Formula 1’s most glamorous race. Unparalleled Glamour and Extravagance Located in the heart of Monte Carlo, Amber Lounge is…

Fatman Scoop Brings the Beats and Energy to the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

May 28, 2023/

The Monaco Grand Prix and Amber Lounge experienced an unprecedented level of energy and excitement with the electrifying performance by renowned international artist Fatman Scoop. With his infectious beats and magnetic stage presence, Fatman Scoop took the trackside party scene to new heights, leaving fans and racegoers in awe. Fatman Scoop, a heavyweight in the music industry known for his booming voice and energetic performances, made his mark on the Grand Prix…

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