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Planet Fashion TV is revolutionizing the fashion industry

Planet Fashion TV is revolutionizing the fashion industry approach to sustainability with its upcoming Awards Gala, which introduces innovative categories highlighting Sustainable Technology, Cinema, and Activism. Set to take place on May 19th, 2024, in Cannes, this pioneering event goes beyond simply recognizing eco-conscious strides in fashion; it also celebrates the impactful contributions of sustainable tech companies, influential films, and activism.

Expanding beyond traditional fashion accolades, the Awards Gala will unveil the following new categories:

Sustainable Technology Trailblazer Award: Acknowledging tech companies leading the charge in creating innovative and sustainable solutions within the fashion sector.
Eco-Cinema Excellence Award: Honoring documentaries or filmmakers who effectively communicate and inspire action on sustainable and ethical practices in fashion.
Sustainable Activist Celebrity Tribute: Celebrating prominent figures who utilize their platforms to advocate for sustainability and drive positive change in the fashion industry.
This expansion underscores our unwavering commitment to recognizing sustainability in a broader context and acknowledges the critical roles played by technology, cinema, and influential figures in shaping a more responsible and conscious fashion landscape.

As we invite submissions for consideration from companies across the USA and Europe, we encourage tech innovators, filmmakers, and influential activists to showcase their impactful contributions to sustainability.

Companies and individuals interested in being considered for these prestigious awards are invited to submit their entries by March 1st. The Sustainability in Fashion Awards Gala promises to be an inspiring and inclusive celebration, uniting visionaries from diverse sectors for a sustainable future in fashion.

About Planet Fashion TV: Planet Fashion TV is a global media platform dedicated to showcasing the latest trends, fashion events, and industry insights. With a steadfast commitment to promoting sustainability in fashion, the organization aims to inspire positive change and foster a more eco-conscious industry.

For more information and to purchase packages or tickets, please visit https://www.rebelity.com


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