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Kaaris Meryl and Le Môme Dazzle at Nuits Carrées Festival Opening Night

The Nuits Carrées Festival opened with a spectacular night, showcasing the talents of Kaaris, Meryl, and Le Môme. Set against the stunning backdrop of Antibes, the 2024 edition promises unforgettable experiences for all attendees.

Kaaris: The Artist and His Performance

Kaaris, whose real name is Okou Gnakouri, is a French rapper and actor from Sevran. His career began to take off in 2011 when he was noticed by Booba through successful features, leading to his participation in Booba’s mixtape “Autopsie 4,” which aimed to promote young underground talents. This was followed by his own first mixtape “Z.E.R.O” and, in 2012, the track “Kalash” featuring Booba. From there, Kaaris’s career moved beyond its embryonic stage. In 2013, Kaaris signed with Therapy Music on the AZ label and released his first album, “Or Noir,” which revolutionized the French rap scene with its hardcore trap tracks and Kaaris’s killer punchlines. This album saw a re-release (Or Noir Part II) in 2014 and a third installment, “Or Noir 3,” in 2019.

Between his initial success in 2013 and 2019, Kaaris released several significant projects, including “Le Bruit de Mon Âme” and “Double Fuck” in 2015, “Okou Gnakouri” in 2016, and “Dozo” in 2017. He also made his film debut in 2014 in Thomas N’Gijol’s “Fastlife.” Kaaris’s most recent project is the album “2.7.0,” which sold 17,221 copies in its first week.

Accompanied by his team, Kaaris performed some of his greatest hits, including tracks from his latest album. His energy and charisma transcended the stage, making the evening unforgettable for the spectators.

Meryl: The Grand Return

Meryl, an iconic figure on the French music scene, also made a significant impact on the festival’s first evening with a remarkable performance. The artist made her grand return this year with a highly anticipated new EP, “Ozoror,” which skillfully blends trap, reggae, and pop. Nominated in two categories at the Victoires de la Musique, her “Caviar Tour” promises to be one of the most anticipated in the rap game in 2024.

About Meryl

Born in 1995 in Martinique, Meryl developed an early passion for music. In 2013, she made her real musical debut thanks to her cousin Specta, also a Martinican rapper, who immediately took her under his wing upon discovering her innate talent.

Working with Specta, Meryl learned to structure her lyrics and lay words on her music. She collaborated with him on the tracks “ADN” and “Agression Textuelle.” Things picked up in 2015 when a producer spotted her. It was then that she discovered the various roles within the rap universe, including those working behind the scenes.

For several years, Meryl worked as a ghostwriter, writing lyrics for other artists, and as a topliner, creating melodies for songs. These collaborations opened up many opportunities for her, including contributing to albums by major artists such as Soprano, Shay, Niska, and SCH.

On stage, Meryl demonstrated her talent and charisma, delivering catchy choruses and captivating tracks that thrilled the Nuits Carrées audience. Her performance confirmed her status as a rising star in urban music, promising many more successes to come.

Le Môme: A Breath of Fresh Air

An independent rapper from the French Riviera, 26-year-old Le Môme first gained attention in 2019 by winning the Nuits du Sud Festival competition. In January 2020, he won the Scred Festival X Demi Portion competition and performed at New Morning in Paris, accompanied by Demi Portion, Seth Gueko, Ali from Lunatic, and Youssoupha. He made his first radio appearance on Generations, accompanied by Demi Portion. In January 2022, Le Môme released his debut album “Bicéphale” and was noticed during his first tour, featuring fifteen dates on stages with capacities ranging from 200 to 3000, opening for Cut Killer, KT Gorique, and Hatik—encounters that marked him with their feedback and encouragement.

In concert, his catchy rhythms and powerful lyrics won over the audience. Offering “timeless rap” with a mix of new and classic sounds, Le Môme brought a breath of fresh air to the Nuits Carrées stage, promising not to be forgotten anytime soon.

The First Day of the Nuits Carrées Festival

The first day of the Nuits Carrées Festival was marked by impeccable organization and a festive atmosphere. The idyllic setting of Antibes, with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop, added a magical touch to the event. From the moment the gates opened, a variety of stalls and activities welcomed festival-goers, offering a rich and diverse cultural experience.

The Nuits Carrées Festival: A Promising 2024 Edition

The Nuits Carrées Festival, held annually since 2008, has become a must-attend event for music lovers in France. Renowned for its artistic diversity and convivial atmosphere, the festival attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The 2024 edition promises to be one of the most memorable, with an eclectic lineup and renowned artists. The festival spans three days, each promising captivating performances and unforgettable moments. The organizers have made it a point to offer a unique experience, combining music, art, and culture.

The first evening of the Nuits Carrées Festival was a resounding success, thanks to electrifying performances by Kaaris, Meryl, and Le Môme. With flawless organization and a high-quality lineup, this 2024 edition of the festival is already shaping up to be a resounding success. Festival-goers can expect to experience unforgettable moments in the enchanting setting of Antibes, where music and conviviality take center stage.


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